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White Branding

As a Professional Advisor or Broker, you can use your own banners for White Branding purposes. White Branding gives you the ability to display your own logos and company information on our registration system (account applications), Account Management, statements and PortfolioAnalyst, as well as emails, Trader Workstation, WebTrader, the TWS Users' Guide and our contract database. White Branding is a great marketing tool that will also give your customers the impression that you are offering a complete package of in-house trading tools and supporting products.

Note: When you white brand the Interactive Brokers Registration System (account application), you also white brand Account Management, statements and PortfolioAnalyst reports. You cannot white brand ONLY the account application and not Account Management, reports or PortfolioAnalyst.

White Branding Rules

The following rules apply to white branding:

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