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Client Applications

To trade for your clients, you must first “add” them to your Advisor account. As the Advisor Master, you are the only one who can add clients to your Advisor account. Adding a client requires that you:

To add an existing IBKR customer as an advised client, the client needs to log into their account and select Create, Move, Link or Partition an Account from the Settings >Account Settings section. Note that requests to link accounts must be approved by advisors prior to 2:00 PM on Friday. Those requests which are approved will be processed every Friday at 3:00 PM.

Advisors have two options for completing client applications; however, some may be limited to the fully electronic method due to regulatory and other considerations. Decide which method to use based on the characteristics and preferences of you and your client:

You can log into the Advisor Portal at any time to see the status of your clients' applications. Advisors who want to open additional accounts for themselves at a later time must use one of the three methods listed above.

In all cases, the completed application must be sent to IBKR for processing.

For additional information on all of the application methods, see the Add an Account topic in the Account Management Users’ Guide.