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PortfolioAnalyst - Release Notes 2022

PortfolioAnalyst Release Notes

December 2022

Week Ending December 16, 2022

Introducing PortfolioAnalyst Beta

  • Now offering an intuitive dashboard with allocation, attribution, performance, risk metrics and more without the hassle of downloading PDF/CSV reports.
  • View side-by-side summary statistics and drill down into details with historical periods, benchmark comparison, and frequency selection.
  • Log into Client Portal > Performance & Reports > PortfolioAnalyst Beta and provide feedback to portfolioanalyst@interactivebrokers.com.

August 2022

Week Ending August 5, 2022

Account Performance with Long/Short Breakout

  • Now supported for custom Time Period and Cumulative Performance Statistic reports.
  • When selecting Time Period and/or Cumulative Performance Statistics you will be asked to Include Long and Short Breakout Yes|No on the next page.

July 2022

Week Ending July 22, 2022

New Crypto Connections for External Accounts

  • Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini connections are now available to link in PortfolioAnalyst.

May 2022

Week Ending May 27, 2022

Now Offering PortfolioAnalyst for All Paper Accounts

  • Test trading strategies, generate performance on prospective client portfolios and experience our robust platform before opening an account.

April 2022

Week Ending April 14, 2022

Performance Attribution for Additional Benchmarks

  • 165 additional benchmarks are now available for the Performance Attribution report.
  • Using the allocation and selection effects, compare your portfolio's sector attribution to one of our 165 recently added benchmarks.
  • Previously, the S&P 500 was the only benchmark supported and is still the default benchmark selected.

March 2022

Week Ending March 4, 2022

Real-Time Pricing for External Positions

  • View real-time pricing and activity across IBKR and external accounts in one consolidated view.