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TWS Beta Notes

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Add Liquidity with IBUSOPT Destination

Clients who trade US options can now choose to direct route their options orders to IBUSOPT to participate in the retail order flow for US equity and index options. Orders routed to IBUSOPT will be held at this liquidity-providing destination, and will be eligible to participate in an exchange auction to potentially fill against other SMART-routed marketable orders from IBKR clients. Note that there is no guarantee that orders routed to IBUSOPT will fill.

IBUSOPT Order Destination

To route a US equity or index options order to IBUSOPT from Mosaic, set up the order in the Order Entry panel and open the "advanced" panel to select a new destination. Once you have selected IBUSOPT as the destination, available order types will be shown in the dropdown. Find out more in the IBUSOPT order types page.

Discover Opportunities

Discover ideas and new markets for potential investments using the Discover tool. Discover is your link to market-defining third-party content selected specifically to help you improve your success as a trader. Currently Discover supports content from Trading Central, a "premium, one stop shot for investment decision support."

Find Discover in the Information System category of the Mosaic New Window drop-down, just after Fundamentals Explorer. Select the third party data you'd like to see, for example Trading Central. Use the sub-tabs to find out more. Trading Central data includes:

Discover Trading Central

  • Market Buzz: The bubble display overcomes the problems of having too much information to process and too much scrolling to contend with. Quickly see what's been happening and which companies are being talked about - the bigger the bubble, the greater the buzz. Hold your mouse over bubble to see exactly how many mentions. Click a bubble to dive deeper into the the selected asset with in-depth News Analytics and expanded Sentiment data.
  • Technical Insight: Optimize your strategies with this perfect combination of actionable analysis, education, and alerts. The Technical Score provides directional information with the outlook (bullish, neutral, bearish) over different timeframes. Additionally, see a small educational blurb the describes what the data is telling you!
  • Technical Views: Using a combination of automated algorithms and expertise from senior analysts, Trading Central's Technical Views monitors the markets for recognizable patterns that could help you create a successful trading plan. Technical Views is useful whether you're looking for your next trading idea, or want a second opinion on an idea you want to implement.
  • Featured Ideas: This widget scans the universe of trading ideas and only delivers those that match your style. How does it know? Define your style in Customized Settings (using the gear icon on the top right). Set your filters like exchanges, asset types, bullish or bearish opportunities, timelines and more. See the list of assets gathered in real-time, along with the strategy match and historical return.
  • Value Analyzer: See if a stock is considered to be underpriced (relative to its intrinsic value) with the Value Analyzer. Find a specific stock, or use the Value Screener to set criteria and scan for stocks that meet them. Or, get ideas by browsing pre-screened value stocks using the criteria you set in the Value Screener. Find out more about Value Investing in the Education section of the analyzer.

This feature is being released gradually over the next few weeks.

Trading Central in Fundamentals Explorer

We've reorganized the Trading Central data offered in Fundamentals Explorer. We've created a new "Trading Central" tab and now include sub-tabs below, including:

  • Technical Insights
  • Technical Views
  • Value
  • Market Buzz
Trading Central tabs

To open Fundamentals Explorer, use the Mosaic New Window drop-down.

New Advanced Charts

Advanced Charts offer a robust charting system with sophisticated but easy-to-use drawing and annotation tools, customizable trendlines, and unique studies and indicators. Use Advanced Charts as a standalone window, or make TradingView the default chart type in your Mosaic layout.

Advanced Chart Features

Use the snapshot feature to save a version of your chart with specific trendlines, indicators and more.

Removed Advanced Charts from a group

To view multiple charts using the same underlying but different time periods and studies, create a new layout, add multiple Advanced Chart windows, and turn off windows grouping. Now add the underlying and other content to each chart. To open Advanced Charts, from the New Window dropdown select Chart and then Advanced Charts.

COMING SOON: The ability to create orders from within a chart.

Name Changes for Exchanges

Several exchanges are changing their names, and these changes will be reflected in TWS:

  • Globex will now be CME.
  • ECBOT will now be called CBOT.
  • Nymex name will remain the same, except Comex metals will now be listed under COMEX.