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Greenwich Compliance

Introducing Greenwich Compliance,
a new Interactive Brokers Group company

Introducing Greenwich Advisor Compliance Services Corp. (Greenwich Compliance), a new resource for experienced investors and traders looking to start their own investment advisor firms. Greenwich Compliance professionals have regulatory and industry experience, and can help investment advisors trading on the Interactive Brokers platform meet their registration and compliance needs.

Greenwich Compliance offers direct expert registration and start-up compliance services. At a reasonable cost, Greenwich Compliance professionals take an active role in helping firms through the registration process. And, for investment advisors on the Interactive Brokers trading platform, Greenwich Compliance will provide answers to basic day-to-day compliance questions, without cost.

In addition, you can find information about key compliance topics on the Greenwich Compliance website. This includes a series of Spotlight articles covering major compliance topics affecting registered investment advisors, and links to key regulatory information, including regulator and industry association websites. You should consult legal counsel regarding any specific rules that may apply to you.

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IB Feature Explorer
Feature Explorer
Would you like to know more about IB's trading or risk management tools? Perhaps you're interested in quickly learning about the clearing and custody services that we offer. Try the Feature Explorer. The Feature Explorer lets you quickly find useful descriptions of over 500 of our most interesting features. Find features related to trading, funding, research and market data, risk management, account management and much more. Access the Feature Explorer from the home page or any menu on our website. Once in the Feature Explorer, browse the tree view and drill down to find summaries of features and related links, or use the search field to find specific features.
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PA Heat Map
PortfolioAnalyst Enhancements:
View Sector Performance at a Glance
One of our most popular reporting tools, PortfolioAnalyst lets you evaluate the performance of your portfolio in presentation-ready reports and view the current performance of all of your financial accounts in one place.

Heat Maps Show Sector and Symbol Performance
We've expanded the reporting capabilities of PortfolioAnalyst with the Performance by Symbol report, which features two different heat maps and several easy-to-understand charts. The charts show the top and bottom contributors to your portfolio, as well as how much each sector and asset class contributed to your portfolio. The report visually represents each sector's contribution to return in a sector composition heat map in which each sector block shows the contribution to return of each symbol in that sector. We also include a portfolio heat map that shows the contribution to return of each symbol in your portfolio.

New Performance by Asset Class Report
This new report displays a color-coded bar chart that illustrates the cumulative contribution to your portfolio's return by asset class for each day, month or quarter in the specified time period. Each color-coded bar in the chart represents the contribution of all asset classes to each day/month/quarter in the specified time period. There is also a table that shows the return for each asset class for each day/month/quarter in the specified time period.
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Meet IBot
Meet IBot – Our Natural Language Interface to Trading
Have you ever wanted to enter Trader Workstation commands in simple text? Now you can with IBot, our new text-based natural language interface for TWS. Simply enter commands in English, and IBot responds quickly with the requested data or action. IBot helps you complete key TWS trading tasks from a single place without needing to navigate anywhere else.

IBot understands commands in nine different trading categories, including quotes, charts, orders, trades, and your account. IBot can also modify commands (for example, change that sell order to a buy order), provide help, show company information, and help you contact customer service.

To use IBot, first open it from the New Window drop down by selecting IBot (beta) - type to trade. With IBot open, use the text entry field at the bottom of the window to enter your command. For example, type "Buy 300 ibkr at 34" and press Enter. Your part is done. IBot will perform the specified action (in this case, creating a limit order for 300 shares of IBKR at a limit price of $34.00). Review the order and submit, or click the Edit button to modify any order parameters.

Give IBot a try. If you need help, watch the demo by typing "demo" in the entry field, or get help by typing "help." If you enter a command that IBot doesn't understand, chances are we just haven't added it yet!

Coming soon: IBot with voice recognition on your mobile device.
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EV NextShares™ Exchange-Traded Managed Funds
EV NextShares, a new way to invest in actively managed strategies, provide a highly competitive alternative to mutual funds on Interactive Brokers' platform. Because they are actively managed, EV NextShares offer the potential for benchmark-beating returns by applying their manager's proprietary investment research. EV NextShares are commission-free at IB and, because they trade on an exchange, EV NextShares may offer cost and tax efficiencies that can enhance shareholder returns. The first EV NextShares funds began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC earlier this year.

NextSharesTM is a trademark of NextShares Solutions LLC. All rights reserved.
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Option Exercise FYI
Option Exercise FYI
IB FYIs are designed to help keep you informed of upcoming events that could affect your account with custom notifications based on your portfolio and trading activity.

The Options Expiration FYI will notify you three days prior to the last trading day for any options positions that you hold.
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Layout Library for Custom Workspace Layouts
Layout Library for Custom Workspace Layouts
TWS comes with two active layouts: Mosaic and Classic TWS. Our new Layout Library is a browser that lets you select predefined layouts or create your own custom layout. Open the Layout Library by clicking the plus (+) sign located at the bottom of the TWS window, and then choose from over 20 different layouts designed to help you create a focused workspace. Predefined layouts include Options Trading, News to Algo- Order Slicing and many more. Once you've added a layout you can use it as is, or unlock it and edit it by moving, adding or removing tools.

Alternatively, you can start with a completely blank layout and add your favorite tools using the New Window drop down.
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Benefits of the Adaptive Algo Order
Consider the benefits of using our Adaptive algo order type if you generally trade with marketable orders and:
  • You'd like to improve your chances for price improvement or exchange rebate, and/or
  • You trade with order sizes that are larger than the typically available liquidity at the NBBO.
The Adaptive algo is designed to find the sweet spot between the fast fill of marketable orders and the potential price improvement/rebates of non-marketable orders by attempting to work your order with non-marketable orders first.

For larger quantities, the Adaptive algo order will automatically break large orders into smaller chunks to avoid overwhelming the market.
Adaptive Algos
Adaptive Algo Order Type Short Video
Unified Event Calendars
Unified Events Calendars
Find all of your corporate event information in one place with our Unified Events Calendars tool. Calendar event details include data from IB and from Thomson Reuters Street Events on a simplified single page with multiple, filterable sections.

View the new calendar by clicking the Event Calendar button next to the New Window button in the Mosaic anchor window. You can filter data by company; or show only "My companies" to limit the list to companies in your portfolio, Watchlist or recently held. Show or hide corporate actions, corporate and economic events for today or any available day in the past or future. View events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
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Option Tools Enhancements
To help increase speed of order entry and provide a more intuitive user interface, we've added several enhancements to our options tools:
  • Quick Order Entry - We've added the redesigned Mosaic Order Entry Panel with the one-click Bid/Mid/Ask price ruler to our key option tools, including the Strategy Builder, Probability Lab and Option Strategy Lab. This feature helps to speed up the price/order entry process.
  • Redesigned Option Selector - The Option Selector window, Option Chain and OptionTrader now provide two different display types: List View and Tabbed View. The List view shows all selected options at the same time. The Tabbed view displays options on separate tabbed pages, by expiration date. To keep the list of options short, you can either specify the number of displayed strikes around the money, or handpick the ones you'd like to see. You can also narrow down the number of trading classes and exchanges displayed. You can easily switch between the List and Tabbed views. The TWS will remember your selection.
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Account Management Updates
Since our last Communiqué, we've added the following new features to Account Management:

  • New Trading Restrictions - We've added new optional trading restrictions for Advisors, Proprietary Trading Groups, Brokers and Fund Investment Managers who need to restrict client trading. New restrictions include Net Margin, which restricts trade based on margin cushion; Net Portfolio, which restricts trade based on the net amount of all positions in a portfolio; Liquidation/Closing-only, which restricts trades to liquidation or position-closing only; Concentration by Symbol, which restricts trades based on position concentration; Trading Hours, which restricts trades to certain hours; and Product restrictions. Trading Hours restrictions have also been added to EmployeeTrack accounts.
  • For Brokers - Fully Disclosed can now close client accounts, transfer international assets for their clients, and charge take-up fees on trades for IB Prime clients.
  • For Advisors - Advisors can now create default fee templates, set a default invoice notification method for clients, and transfer international assets for their clients.
New Products
In addition to EV NextShares, we have added the following products and base currencies:

  • TSE Mothers Index Futures (TSEMOTHR)
  • Mini H-Share Index Options (MCH.HK)
  • The ability to short Mexican Stocks
  • Commission-Free ETFs: Cambria
Base Currency
  • Israeli Shekel (ILS)
  • Russian Ruble (RUB)
Mutual Funds
We currently offer 7,902 mutual funds from 125 families, including 2,912 no transaction fee funds (NTF). In 2016, we have added 2,602 funds from 35 families:
  • J.P. Morgan Funds
  • Ivy Funds
  • Westwood Funds
  • Scout Funds
  • Harbor Funds
  • Virtus Funds
  • Euro-Pacific Funds
  • Permanent Portfolio Funds
  • LJM Funds
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Investor's Business Daily Survey of Online Brokers
Would you like a chance to vote for your favorite online broker? Now you can by participating in Investor's Business Daily's annual survey of online brokers. IBD's annual survey of online brokers rates brokers in the following categories:
  • Trade Reliability
  • Low Commission & Fees
  • Site Performance
  • Equity Trading Tools
  • Customer Service
  • Research Tools
  • Investment Research
  • Mobile Platform/Mobile Trading
  • Options Trading Platform
  • Portfolio Analysis & Reports
  • Educational Resources
  • ETF Choices
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