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We're Updating Our Website
New Reponsive Website

  • Responsive design - The updated website is easier to read and navigate, providing a consistent interface across a wide range of devices -- desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Client-focused content - You will be able to select your account type from the home page (individual, advisor, broker, etc.) and the website will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Improved user interface - The updated website has a modern look and feel; and streamlined menus.
To see the complete list of what we've changed and upcoming changes, click below.
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No Transaction Fee (NTF) Mutual Funds1
We continue to boost our mutual fund offerings and we've recently made arrangements with 20 mutual fund companies to waive trading commissions associated with select funds. We arranged to waive our usual transaction fee of $14.95 on certain mutual funds in order to deliver the lowest trading costs to our clients when using our platform. Our NTF mutual fund program includes funds across various share classes, including PIMCO, Dreyfus, Guggenheim, Allianz, Fidelity, Forward Funds, Janus and TRowe Price.

To see the entire list of available NTF mutual funds, click below.
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Barron's Award
Barron's Best Online Broker2 - Again
Low cost, breadth of product, and technology innovation consistently drive our progress at IB, and once again, we've been recognized for the unique advantages we provide to our customers.

For the fourth straight year, we have been awarded top honors by Barron's Magazine as the Best Online Broker of 2015.

Click below to learn more about Barron's 2015 Awards.
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Retirement Savings Plans (RSP)
We now offer Retirement Savings Plans (RSP) and Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) to Canadian residents. An RSP lets you invest on a tax-deferred basis. This means that your contributions to RSP are tax deductible (up to a limit) and any income or capital gain received inside the RSP will not be taxed until the money is withdrawn. We currently offer Regular and Spousal RSPs.

A TFSA lets you set money aside tax-free throughout your lifetime. Each calendar year, you can contribute up to the TFSA dollar limit for the year, plus any unused TFSA contribution room from the previous year, and the amount withdrawn the year before.
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RIA Compliance Center
Interested in becoming a Registered Investment Advisor? Our new RIA Compliance Center can help you with the registration and compliance obligations associated with starting and registering your own advisory firm. The RIA Compliance Center includes a webinar providing an overview of advisors' registration and compliance obligations, a series of spotlights providing an in-depth look at compliance issues of interest, as well as links to key regulatory websites and information on preferred compliance and other service providers.
Visit the RIA Compliance Center
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New Research Providers
With 12 new providers in our arsenal, IB now boasts a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary slate of independent research:
  • Argus Equity Research Pro
  • Ford Equity Research
  • Guide research ETF
  • Hammerstone
  • MarketEdge Pro
  • MarketGrader
  • McAlinden
  • RareView
  • Sadif Analytics
  • The Street Ratings Equity
  • Validea Guru Stock Reports and Ratings
  • ValuEngine Report Pro
Subscribe to research in Account Management under Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Research.

For complete pricing information on all of our research subscriptions, click below.
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Trader Workstation Key Enhancements
Continuous Futures Contracts
Select the continuous futures contract when adding futures market data to a watch list or trading page. The ticker for continuous contracts does not change as the lead month expires so you don't have to worry about manual rolling or re-entering expiring futures. Additionally, charting continuous futures gives you a cohesive and comprehensive display that spans multiple expiries.
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New Fundamentals Tear Sheets
We've added three new fundamentals tear sheets to our suite of Fundamentals research tools:

Analyst (Summary) - Provides summary rating and price target statistics plus upgrade/downgrade history and more.

Ownership - Provides detailed institutional and insider ownership rosters with a graph of ownership percentage over time, and an insider trade log.

Short Interest - Graphs short interest as a percent of float, days short, or shares short.
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Risk Navigator Design Updates
Convenience and ease-of-use updates to the Risk Navigator include the Report Designer, which lets you modify all reports at one time from a single window, the Trader Personalities feature that automatically sets report fields based on your selected personality, and a dual-plot display that shows equal- and beta-weighted plots side by side.
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Bond Trading Platform Enhancements
You can now trade corporate, government and municipal bonds from within the Mosaic order entry panel. Additionally, monitor all treasuries or filter for on-the-run contracts using our system-generated and dynamically updating predefined watch lists. We also improved the Municipal bond confirmation dialog to better show comparable bonds and, when available, show you depth of the market.
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Chart Indicators
Just when you thought we couldn't add any more chart indicators and overlays, we've gone and done it again! Our latest installment of more than 25 new indicators includes the Relative Vigor Index, Klinger Oscillator, McGinley Dynamic, Volume Weighted Moving Average, Bill Williams Alligator and Zigzag.
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mobileTWS Updates
mobileTWS Updates
The Research Details feature gives you mobile access to basic company fundamentals data, and lets you view the independent analyst reports you are accustomed to seeing only in your desktop application. Additionally, mobileTWS now supports real-time streaming data for interactive chart updates.

Note that release updates on Android and iOS phones and tablets may vary slightly.
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