IB Communiqué - July 20, 2007

Over the past few months we've been hard at work enhancing our technology and lowering our cost structure to help customers maximize their returns. New features and benefits include the following.

New Trading Products

Interactive Brokers is pleased to announce the trading of Australian Stocks at the low price of 0.08% of trade value, minimum AUD 6. Rollouts in the coming weeks will include the ability to short Australian Stocks as well as trade Australian Stock Options. In addition, we have added NYBOT cocoa, coffee, orange juice and sugar commodities, ISE Forex Options, Swedish Stock Options, NYSE-Arca Bonds, and AIM (Alternative Investment Market) products on the London Stock Exchange to our product line-up. For more information on available contracts see our Exchange & Products page. For more information on our low commissions see our Stock, Options, or Futures Commissions pages. To add trading permissions and market data subscriptions, log into Account Management from the top right corner of our website and select the Trading Access menu section.

New Unbundled Commissions for Canadian Stocks

As with US stocks, as of Monday July 23 we will be offering a new unbundled or "cost plus" pricing structure for Canadian stocks. Costs are as low as CAD $.003 plus external exchange, clearing, and regulatory fees. Clients trading large stock volumes, or those who would receive credits by adding liquidity to the exchanges would benefit most from this new pricing structure. See the Stocks Commissions page for more details on our Canadian stock unbundled structure. To change your pricing designation from Bundled to Unbundled, log into Account Management from the top right corner of our website and select the Account Administration/Pricing Designation menu item. Please note that when changing your pricing designation for stocks, your commission structure for Canadian as well as US stocks will be changed.

New Statements & Margin Reports

We recently introduced a new statement design with enhanced information to help you better monitor the performance of your portfolio. Features of our new statements include:

Our enhanced daily and monthly statements are available within Account Management under the Report Management/New Statements (Beta) menu items. As of August 1, 2007 our new enhanced statement will become your standard statement, with the old-style statements available under a new Legacy Statement menu item. As of September 17, 2007, the old-style statements will no longer be available. See our Statements page for further detail.

In addition, we have developed new Margin Reports that detail your margin requirements by underlying and combination strategy each day as of 16:15 ET. See our Margin Report page for more details.

Get the Competitive Edge on Forex Trading at Interactive Brokers

We provide you with tight spreads by giving you the highest bids and lowest offers from multiple Forex bank dealer partners, a sophisticated FXTrader forex entry platform, and multiple forex products (cash, options, futures) on one platform. Interactive Brokers gives you the features that professional forex traders require. Don’t be misled by Forex brokers who promise commission-free trades and build a wide spread into bank dealer quotes. For more information see our Forex Product page, view our live quotes on our homepage, and visit the Forex Commissions page to see our low commissions.

Liquidnet Added as a Destination

The Liquidnet Dark Pool has been added to our line-up of Smart Routing destinations. This is in addition to existing dark pool destinations Knight and ISE Midpoint Match. In addition, we have added Track ECN as another market destination.

New API Features

We have added the following to our Application Program Interface (API) in releases 9.2 and 9.3:

Click here to view full details on these changes on our API Release Notes page.

New Commercial Tools Partners

Over the past few months we have added the following Commercial Tools third-party software developer products:

See our Commercial Tool Partners page for more details on these and our other partners.

New Trader Workstation Enhancements

During the past few months, we have continued to enhance the Trader Workstation (TWS). New features include:

For more details on these and all our TWS enhancements, see our Release Notes page.

Revised Options Disclosure Document

The Options Clearing Corporation ("OCC") has issued supplements to the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options (the "Options Disclosure Document" or "ODD") in May and June 2007. The May supplement contains important changes regarding dividends and distributions, rounding of adjusted exercise prices, options on interests in investment companies and similar entities, special exercise settlement procedures or restrictions, and a disclosure that a registration statement and prospectus for the options covered by the ODD are no longer available.

The May 2007 supplement also describes the expansion of the OCC's authority to adjust the multiplier for yield-based Treasury options and to fix the cash settlement amount for such options in certain circumstances; new rules adopted by certain options markets permitting, in very limited circumstances, the cancellation or adjustment of a transaction entered into at a premium based on an erroneously reported value for the underlying interest; and the acceleration of the expiration date of options on equity securities in certain circumstances.

Please note that parts III - V of the May 2007 supplement supercede and replace the February 2003 supplement to the ODD and that part VIII of the May 2007 supplement supercedes paragraph 1 of the March 2000 supplement to the ODD.

The June 2007 update to the ODD relates to credit default options (including credit default basket options). You may view both of these supplements to the Options Disclosure Document at the following website.