Information Regarding EMIR Position and Trade Reporting Requirements

Certain Interactive Brokers customers  may become subject to position and trade reporting obligations under the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation ("EMIR") from February 12th, 2014.

Interactive Brokers customers, with the exception of individuals, trading derivatives (OTC or Exchange Traded) established in the European Union and some funds which have fund managers registered in the European Union, will be subject to trade reporting obligations. All such customers will also be obligated to have or apply for a Legal Entity Identifier ("LEI"), which is a unique identifier or code attached to a legal person or structure that will allow for the unambiguous identification of parties to financial transactions.

Cleared customers will be able to delegate their EMIR trade repository reporting obligations to Interactive Brokers. In addition, Interactive Brokers will facilitate the issuance of Legal Entity Identifiers to customers who are in scope of the regulations and do not currently have a LEI.

In order to delegate reporting to Interactive Brokers and apply for a LEI, IB customers will need to complete an agreement for this service after logging into the IB Account Management system. IB anticipates that the relevant agreement will be made available February 1, 2014. In the event IB does not receive a completed agreement prior to the implementation of the reporting requirements, the customer will be excluded from IB's daily reporting and all reporting requirements will need to be met by the account holder directly.

Further details about EMIR and in particular new reporting obligations after February 12th, 2014, are available here.